The feed additive ALGODARFID is a natural, ecologically pure natural biologically active dietary supplement for poultry feeding, produced on the basis of brown algae harvested in the White Sea. ALGODARFID contains the whole spectrum of vitamins, rare trace elements, folic and pantothenic acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, polyunsaturated acids of the Omega-3 type. Due to the high content of microelements, ALGODARFID reduces the risk of cannibalism in poultry, improves immunity, accelerates the growth of young stock and improves the strength of the skeleton in an adult bird, accelerates the growth of muscle tissue and internal organs.
With the introduction of ALGODARFID into the poultry diet:
- feed conversion is reduced by 2%;
- increase in body weight in broilers by 1.3%;
- the egg production of laying hens increases by 5%;
- hatchability of the parent stock increases by 5.4%;
- the specific gravity of eggs increases by 2%.
The optimal prophylactic dose of the introduction of the feed additive ALGODARFID into the compound feed of all types of poultry is 0.05-0.1% throughout the entire period of its operation.

Algal fodder grits, kg
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Algal fodder grits, kg
Improves metabolism, increases immunity, feed...
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