Exchange and Refund


Purchase returns

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the buyer has the right to return the purchased goods to the seller subject to mutual observance of the provisions of the "Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights".

Return of goods of proper quality

Return of goods of proper quality is possible subject to the following conditions:

  • the term for transferring the goods to the buyer does not exceed 7 days;
  • the integrity of the packaging, the presentation and consumer properties of the goods have been preserved, namely: the goods are returned unused and in full complete set, with all stickers, seals and labels, gifts (if any initially);
  • saved documents confirming the purchase of goods.

When returning goods of proper quality:

  • delivery to the seller of small-sized goods and goods weighing up to 5 kg within the city of Arkhangelsk is carried out by the buyer;
  • payment of the cost of services for postage or transport of goods to the seller is borne by the buyer;
  • money previously paid by the buyer for the delivery of this product by the seller will not be returned.

Return of goods of inadequate quality

Within 14 days from the date of transfer of the goods, if a manufacturing defect is found in the goods, the buyer has the right:

  • exchange the purchased goods for the goods of the same brand;
  • exchange the purchased product for a similar product of another brand with a corresponding recalculation of the purchase price;
  • demand a commensurate reduction in the purchase price;
  • refuse to purchase and demand a refund of the amount paid for the product.

When returning or exchanging goods of inadequate quality:

  • the goods must be returned to the seller in complete set;
  • costs associated with postage or transport of goods are borne by the seller.

Return options

You can return or exchange goods in the following ways:

  • at the office of Arkhangelsk Experimental Seaweed Plant JSC (for residents of Arkhangelsk);
  • Russian Post;
  • Transport company.

For advice on the most convenient way to return or exchange goods, please contact the customer service department.

Our address: 163030, Russia, Arkhangelsk Region, Arkhangelsk, Leningradskiy Ave. 328

The directions can be found in the Contacts section .

Terms of refund to the buyer

The amount paid by the client for the goods is returned within 10 days from the date of registration of the return of the goods.

Funds are returned in the following ways:

  • cash;
  • bank money transfer;
  • cashless payments.

The funds are returned in a manner similar to the method of payment for the goods.

Draw your attention to!

When delivering goods by courier, carefully inspect it and make sure it is intact. After receiving and paying for the goods, claims for damage to the packaging of the goods will not be accepted.

When receiving a parcel by mail, a transport company, etc., in the event of a violation of the integrity of the packaging and detection of damage to the packaging, in no case accept or pay for the parcel. Require the delivery service workers to draw up an act and send the order to the return address. After that, contact the specialists of the customer service department, explain the situation and place a new order.

When the buyer chooses postal or transport shipment of the goods and if the seller detects damage to the goods not previously agreed by the buyer:

  • the seller has the right to refuse the buyer to satisfy the demand for a refund for this product;
  • the buyer has the right to send a claim for damage to the goods to the organization that sends these goods to the seller.

When returning goods of inadequate quality, to confirm the detection of a manufacturing defect , if possible, send a photo to , indicating in the letter your contact information and order number.

For all questions related to the return and exchange of goods, you can contact the customer service department: .

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