Dairy farming

ALGODARFID, an environmentally friendly feed additive based on the White Sea algae, is intended for introduction into rations and compound feed for livestock. ALGODARFID contains the whole spectrum of vitamins, rare trace elements, folic and pantothenic acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, polyunsaturated acids of the Omega-3 type.
ALGODARFID is a complex source of bioorganic compounds of micro- and ultramicroelements, which, in combination with specific carbohydrates, create the effect of an original prebiotic and sedative effect on the body of animals with pronounced properties of immunomodulation.
According to scientific studies, as a result of the introduction of ALGODARFID into the cattle diet:
- up to 6 months the productive life of animals increases,
- milk yield increases by 6-8%;
- the number of somatic cells decreases up to 12%;
- The pregnancy rate increases up to 35%.
"ALGODARFID" can be used as an independent supplement to the diets of dairy cows at a dose of 40-50 g per head per day during the dry period and in the first and second phases of lactation. In the third phase of lactation, the dose of "ALGODARFID" can be reduced to 20-30 g per head per day. At the same time, the physiological state of animals improves during the dry period.

Algal fodder grits, kg
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Algal fodder grits, kg
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