Feed additive ALGODARFID is an ecologically pure natural biologically active additive for feeding fish and shrimps. ALGODARFID contains the whole spectrum of vitamins, rare trace elements, folic and pantothenic acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, polyunsaturated acids of the Omega-3 type.
With the introduction of ALGODARFID into the diet of fish and shrimp:
- the taste and quality of the resulting product significantly improves;
- the DNA / RNA index rises, which indicates an improved assimilation of nutrients from feed and an accelerated growth rate of fish;
- fish receiving ALGODARFID demonstrate less aggressive behavior, as a result, adults do not have wounds and discoloration.
ALGODARFID can be used as an independent supplement to fish and shrimp diets at a dose of 0.01-0.02%. ALGODARFID allows you to accelerate growth, improve feed conversion, has a positive effect on the physiological state and resistance to diseases.

Algal fodder grits, kg
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Algal fodder grits, kg
Improves metabolism, increases immunity, feed...
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